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Outbound Tour Managers Association

The financial crises of 97 saw many experienced Tour Managers leaving their safe ‘spawning grounds’ to take on new challenges of free-lancing in the profession. To some, it was not a matter of choice but rather of necessity, as the over-expanded TM force of large companies suddenly has to shrink to survive the sudden down-turn of the travel industry.


It was in this climate, that the idea to moot up such an association was conceived about a decade ago. The founding group can be said to be almost entirely from Senior TMs. Calling themselves to be “GLOBETROTTERS…the tour leading professionals”, the initial group of ten came together with a common vision to sell their services to the open market.

It later extended to the idea that an association should be formed and registered. And then consequently, membership was to be opened to all Tour Managers. Paper work towards this end went under way, and shortly was submitted to the Registrar of Societies – only to be met with disappointment when the ROS did not approve the application. The matter somewhat just faded away because there was no real determination.

Came 2008, a renewed effort was made. Spear headed by a few dedicated Tour Managers, this new group managed to generate sufficient interest this time to attract a larger crowd of followership. A dialogue between fellow Tour Managers and some travel agents was organized. This unprecedented and significant meeting helped create more awareness that paved the way to its eventual formation in time to come.

...After almost six months of tedious planning, setting up of pro-tem committee and submission of documentation to ROS, we successfully got our association recognized and registered. Further planning into the aspects of election, recruitment etc came as a huge task.

On 17 July 2009 the Outbound Tour Managers Association of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor has its first Annual General Meeting at MATIC. Jalan Ampang. The response were astounding, more than 60 TMs together with invited guest from MATTA and KLTGA present to witness the official election and the setting up of the Association.

11 Executive Committees went down the history of Malaysia first tour leading industry to initiate the motives and objectives of the 1st Outbound Tour Managers Association in Malaysia. With only limited hours as working volunteers under OTMA, all exco’s went into their 1st Exco meeting immediately after the election to put ideas and plans into action. And the success of OTMA formation is largely due to the support of all tour managers who believes and share OTMA’s vision and objectives.


Executive Committee 2019

Jimmy Kwai Jimmy Kwai
Jessica Chan Jessica Chan
Vice President
Yen Ng Yean Ng
Alexis Heng Alexis Heng
Mike Lim Mike Lim
Events & Activities
Sam Chuah Sam Chuah
Events & Activities
Micheal Tham Michael Tham
Membership Administration
Fahazrul Hatta Fahazrul Hatta
Membership Administration
Lawrence Tan Lawrence Tan
Charity & Fund Raising
Steven Tay Steven Tay
Nicole Teoh Nicole Teoh
SK Lau SK Lau
Simon Teh Simon Teh
Previous Executive Committees

Our Objectives

  1. To protect and improve the interests and welfare of our members.
  2. To promote the recognition of the tour managing profession.
  3. To assist and promote tourism.
  4. To uphold our professional conduct.
  5. To keep our members updated with current information /scenario of the travel industry.
  6. To contribute and help the under-privileged and the needy as part of our social responsibility to society.
OTMA Charity Page

Outbound Tour Managers Association’s contribution and support to the unfortunates and destitutes.

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